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The Hellpup tactical AK-47 pistol from Pioneer Arms in Poland is chambered in 7.62x39 caliber. With a short 11.73" inch barrel and no rear stock it is one of the most compact AK pistols on the market. Muzzle flash is suppressed with a Krinkov-style flash hider. The gun weighs less than 7 pounds empty and has an overall length of only 21.85 inches! Made in the world-famous Pioneer Arms guns and munitions factory in Radom, Poland. The Hellpup is fully warrantied by Pioneer Arms U.S.A. in Florida. Each Hellpup pistol ships with 2 original Gen 3 30rd Polish AK-47 magazines. 



Model: Hellpup AKM-47 stype pistol
Type: semi-auto sporting pistol
Weight: 2.87 kg (6.32 lb) empty / 3.35 kg (7.38 lb) loaded - with 30-rd magazine
Overal length: 555 mm (21.85 in)
Barrel length: 298 mm (11.73 in)
Cartridge: 7.62 x 39 mm
Action: Full-auto, or closed bolt, semi-auto
Muzzle velocity: 660 m/s (2,165 ft/s)
Effective range: 400 m,100–1,000 m sight adjustments
Maximum range: 1000 m
Feed system: 10, 20, 30, 40 round box magazines
Sights: Rear sight notch on sliding tangent, front post