About Us




Welcome to CheapGunClub.Com, the internet’s premier gun buying club and concierge service! Our goal in creating Cheap Gun Club is to generate a community of firearm enthusiasts that will provide previously unheard of purchasing power. Club members can feel confident that their firearm or ammunition purchase is the lowest possible price in our market. CheapGunClub.com is a members only club with deep discounts as well as monthly bonuses and giveaways. We will give away a firearm or ammunition to a member every month! Giveaways will grow as our membership expands. Cheap Gun Club = Purchasing Group Power = Club Bargain Pricing!

We have seen far too many ‘cheap’ websites asking ridiculous prices through this pandemic. Yes, 2020 was quite the wild time, especially for this industry. Prices have unfortunately gone up, even at the supplier level, but many companies are taking massive advantage. We will never be those guys! Our prices will always be among the lowest possible. If you see something cheaper elsewhere, we will do everything we can to match the price. The way things are, when we post incredible deals (especially ammo) they will sell out extremely quickly. So if you see a good deal on something you need, don't hesitate!


We pride ourselves on educating our members. Please email us at cheapgunclub@gmail.com with your questions and I'll do my best to educate and inform you. We are happy to share our lifetime knowledge of firearms with our members, regardless of whether you are just beginning or if you are more experienced.


We offer custom ordering of firearms and will always offer the lowest possible pricing to our members. Please feel free to contact us any time, as a club we want to be able to help our members any way we can!


Thank you for your support! - Lane Elkins, Founder