Cancellation & Refund Policy




Customer: The customer may cancel an order placed on prior to shipment of that order. If the customer chooses to cancel the order within these conditions the customer will receive a refund of the full amount of the purchase less 15% of the total purchase amount. All requests for cancellation of an order must be processed through the Customer Service Department at 941-960-6993, Monday through Friday, 10am - 5pm EST. The order # must be provided when contacting Customer Service via phone. If the order has shipped, the sale may not be cancelled. (Please see ‘Return Policies’ section). All cancelled orders are final and may not be reversed. Information may be required prior to fulfilling your order (Example: FOID/FPID/ Pistol Permit, FFL dealer transfer information, address verification). Cheap Gun Club will make several attempts to obtain the required information via the contact methods provided by the customer. If the required information is not provided after 15 calendar days, the order will be cancelled, and payment will be refunded.


Hebrew Tactical, LLC. (DBA Cheap Gun Club) reserves the right to cancel any orders where the customer has not followed these Terms and Conditions. If Cheap Gun Club chooses to cancel your order, you will receive a refund of the full amount of the purchase less 15% of the total purchase amount. Cancelling an order is not something we like to do, but if these terms and conditions are not followed, it is our responsibility to enforce our internal policies and comply with all legal requirements. The responsibility is on you, the customer, to fully understand and act in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.






If a product you receive from us turns out to be defective (manufacturer's defect), we ask that you first contact the manufacturer as any defects will be covered. The product will be fixed or exchanged for a similar model in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty. If Cheap Gun Club chooses to issue a return authorization, you will receive a refund of the full amount of the purchase. We DO NOT allow returns or exchanges of firearms, ammunition, or knives; except when the product has been determined defective. Please provide pictures documenting any visible damage or defects. Clothing may not be returned if it has been worn, washed or is missing the manufacturer's tags. To make a return request, email us at Returns for damaged or defective products will receive a refund or credit to the customer’s account.





No changes can be made once an order has been placed. If you want to cancel an order and then place a new order, please see our Order Cancellation Policy.





Amazingly, we're human too and very rarely mistakes happen with pricing. If the price seems too good to be true (a $2000 optic for $2.00 for example) please contact us FIRST before purchasing and we will verify the price PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Also, if you see a shipping price that seems ridiculous, some firearms have to be shipped by different carriers. Sometimes it can be very expensive, such as having to ship a pistol 2 day air in some cases. So if you order a couple boxes of ammo and the shipping cost is $100, that is obviously our mistake and contact us to gladly correct it for you. Should you make a purchase and there is an error in pricing, we will immediately and cheerfully refund your entire purchase and probably give you a nice discount on your next purchase. Please include product code / UPC in your email or have it handy when you call so we can verify it for you. Our number is 941-960-6993 and we are available Monday-Friday from 10am until 5pm Eastern Time or email with any questions.